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Salus Homini Foundation

The Foundation was established in 2006.

Salus Homini wants to:

-> help for handicapped or sick people

-> help for medical institution

-> offer first-aid to victim of car accidents, natural disasters and other disasters

-> help homeless and unemployed people

-> provide means of economic independence to people who have a difficult situation in life

Special actions of Hospice Volunteer Center

  • Help patiens of Home Hospice NZOZ Medicus Sp. z o. o. w Nakle nad Notecią
  • Care of orphaned children
  • Promotion of volunteering

What did we do for people who need help?

  • Orphaned children have material, psychological, educational assistance. Salus Homini organises activities and holidays trips. 41 children already benefited from our support.
  • Thanks to the generosity of donors and the help of volunteers, patients of Home Hospicehave of their full disposal:

-> 8 rehabilitation beds

->  anti-bedsore mathresses

-> 2 oxygen concentrators

-> infusion pump

-> 3 pulse oximeters

-> 2 wheelchairs

-> other rehabilitation equipment

You can help too !!!

We will be honored if you want to help us.

We thanks people very much who helped us.

Forms of assistance:

  • donate 1% of the personal income tax

KRS 0000251817

  • pay the contribution of the bank account

41 1240 6452 1111 0011 0167 8693

  • buy a share
  • become a volunteer

- you can help sick people, their children in learning and spending leisure-time

- you can participate in charitable and educational actions

- you can realize your own plan to help other people

Where can you find us?

  • Address of the Foundation Salus Homini
  1. Długa 39B

89-100 Nakło nad Notecią

President of the Foundation Salus Homini

phone number: +48 609 404 199

  • Address of offices:

Centrum Wolontariatu  Hospicyjnego

Fundacji " Salus Homini "

  1. Ks. Piotra Skargi 6

89-100 Nakło nad Notecią

Dom Parafialny przy

Parafii Św. Stanisława

  • Coordinator

Centrum Wolontariatu Hospicyjnego

phone number: +48 793 390 275

  • Webpage:

REGON 340144052

NIP 558-177-26-51

Tłumaczyła Aleksandra Kubik